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Dr. Quentin Lejeune

Climate Analytics

  • November 2021 – Present: Senior Scientist & Group Leader 

          Climate Analytics, Berlin, Germany


  • September 2017 – November 2021: Research Associate & Knowledge Broker

    Climate Analytics, Berlin, Germany


  • October 2016 – September 2017: Postdoc

    Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


  • September 2013 – September 2016: PhD candidate in Climate Science 

    Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Mitgliedschaften (maximal 5)

European Geosciences Union

Projekte (maximal 5)
Publikationen (maximal 5)
  • Humpenöder F., A. Popp, A. Orlov, M. Windisch, I. Menke, P. v. Jeetze, J.P. Dietrich, H. Lotze-Campen, C.-F. Schleussner, Q. Lejeune. Overcoming global inequality is critical for land-based mitigation in line with the Paris Agreement. Nature Communications (2022)
  • Callaghan M., C.-F. Schleussner, S. Nath, Q. Lejeune, T.R. Knutson, M. Reichstein, G. Hansen, E. Theokritoff, M. Andrijevic, R.J. Brecha, M. Hegarty, C. Jones, K. Lee, A. Lucas, N. van Maanen, I. Menke, P. Pfleiderer, B. Yesil, J.C. Minx. Machine learning-based evidence and attribution mapping of 100,000 climate impact studies. Nature Climate Change (2021)
  • B. Sultan*, Q. Lejeune*, I. Menke, G. Maskell, K. Lee, M. Noblet, I. Sy, P. Roudier. Current needs for climate services in West Africa: Results from two stakeholder surveys. Climate Services (2020) //   *shared first authorship 
  • Lejeune Q., E.L. Davin, L. Gudmundsson, J. Winckler, S.I. Seneviratne. Historical deforestation locally increased the intensity of hot days in northern mid-latitudes. Nature Climate Change (2018)
  • Lejeune Q., E. L. Davin, B.P. Guillod, S.I. Seneviratne. Influence of Amazonian deforestation on the future evolution of regional surface fluxes, circulation, surface temperature and precipitation. Climate Dynamics (2015)


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